Ever wish you could do more for your dog?

Now you can.


Surf’s up! Cheer her on as she splashes her way to better endurance, confidence, and fun


Use exercise games to build your dog’s strength, stamina, flexibility and confidence

Classes & Seminars.

Mix it up! Break the stale routine that’s boring you both with challenging new classes and activities


Better mobility support!
Provide better support for your dog as her mobility changes

Online Classroom.

Learn to look at your home and yard like your dog does and remove barriers that make it hard for your dog to move around easily

Give your dog

Quality at Every Stage of Life

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DVM Consultation

Based on our evaluation of your patient and your diagnosis, we can recommend activities and supportive equipment to keep your patients happy and active at every stage of life.

During our 60-minute evaluation with your client, we’ll discuss your patient’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and the challenges she’s facing to perform these independently. We’ll also talk about the difficulties your clients may be having in supporting their dog as her mobility changes. Finally, we’ll ask your client about the goals they have for their dog. 

At the end of this evaluation, we’ll make recommendations based on your patient’s current mobility and the client’s goals. These could include assisted swimming, guided exercise, massage, custom or semi-custom devices, carts, support equipment like harnesses and footwear, and others.

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